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Rules are Meant to be Broken

Israel | Cesearea - Al Hayam | 400 Guests | Wedding

When a fellow designer, who also happens to be a close friend, approached us about her special day, we were happy to take a step back, and let the bride strut into our storage unit to pick and choose from colors, textures, and props. What resulted was mish-mash; a concept-less pile of items and fabrics that had nothing to do with one another aside from she who chose. This pile, both challenging and inspiring, posed the question: Does an event always need to have a concept? As designers, shouldn’t we allow ourselves the freedom to trust ourselves, and create something that reflects us? The result was a gorgeous, eclectic, blooming experience in which no two tables were alike; a feeling of childish whim and floral bounty, and most of all, a world so entirely her.

Photography by Ran Bergman

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