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Each person that walks through our door brings with them a story. We are passionate about discovering and translating that tale into a cohesive and harmonious experience that conveys it accurately.


Our meticulous planning process ensures that your special moments are crafted to perfection. The creative mission begins by incorporating your vision into the design process. Our team of professionals then proceeds to tailor that vision, guiding you through each step of crafting your special day. 

Location Location Location

When planning your event, it all begins with the perfect location. Below are some stunning location suggestions to inspire you, but you are welcome to send us some ideas of your own. 

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Our initial Creative Thoughts

Based on our initial discussion, the team immediately gets active, throwing down ideas onto a creative smörgåsbord with zero constraints on imagination or possibility. This is the raw, unrefined, wild part of the planning process, where we present you with everything and ask you to help us narrow it down. 


Have a look at the board below and let us know which ideas most speak to your vision—we will develop those ideas and lose the others. Click the ‘like’ heart when you feel that an idea is moving in the right direction and feel free to leave us your comments. 

Your Creative Thoughts 

Here is where you present us with anything and everything that inspires you for your event. Scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, leaf through bridal magazines, and browse your favorite lifestyle and fashion sites for inspiration. Use the button below to upload images any time you wish, and your board will be updated accordingly.

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Food & Beverage

Your food and drinks for the event will be the golden thread that ties each exquisite stage together. From cocktails to mains, and hors d'oeuvre to desserts, browse the gallery below to view options for your food and wine parings.

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1st event menu

2nd event menu

3rd event menu

4th event menu

Mood Boards & Floor Plans

In this section you can view a variety of mood boards that have been created to reflect the look and feel of your event, as well as the seating plans and layouts. These will be updated as the planning process goes on, and can be downloaded, printed, or simply viewed as pdf files on your computer.

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Mood Board/ floor plans text 1

Mood Board/ floor plans text 2

Mood Board/ floor plans text 3

Entertainement For You

Jazz band? Fire-dancers? Afro-Cuban twelve-piece? Along with selecting the right food and beverages to compliment your event, selecting the right entertainment should be an enjoyable part of the planning process. Let us know if you have specific ideas for musical performers and specialty acts who you’d like to book for your event. If you need some inspiration, have a look though the gallery below and click on the musical samples to listen.  

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Track NameArtist Name
00:00 / 01:04
Track NameArtist Name
00:00 / 01:04
Track NameArtist Name
00:00 / 01:04

Design Elements

Here are our suggestions for the different design elements that will create the texture of your event. From the style of chairs, to requirements for specialty furniture, all elements relating to the design side of your event can be found here.

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