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Lost City

Israel | Dead Sea | 500 Guests | Bar Mitzvah

Some of the events we do are unique because of their unparalleled design. Some are exceptional due to the seemingly impossible production challenges that we always overcome. Every once in a while comes an event that is so unique, and so inspired that it is extraordinary because of both. The Lost City was a completely imagined Nabithian oasis in the midst of the desert. An entire ancient village built from the ground up. Guests were told to wear white, when they arrived to be transported to a secret location. An unexpected ride through the desert revealed an entire metropolis modeled on the ancient societies of the land. The structures, lined with ceramics, copper, wood, and natural herbs, totaled 150 meters wide, and 30 meters high, included three pop-up restaurants featuring flavors by celebrity chef Omer Miller, Jerusalem’s famous Mahane Yehuda, and Nazareth’s long time favorite Dahul, Diana’s executive chef. The natural wonder of the canyon in which the event was built acted as a backdrop for drums, drama, and a fiery feast for the senses.


Photography by Ran Bergman & Sasson Moshe

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