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We are happy to have you with us, in general, KBY Production & Design Quote represents a basic quotation structure for your event including dates, names, number of guests etc. 

This contract clarifies the mutual commitment between you and kbydesigns and enables us to commit to your event, by politely refusing other projects on your scheduled event dates. 

By signing this quote, we can decline other events on your special day.



Kbydesigns work’s on a flat production & design fee.

We believe that this flat fee (as opposed to the percentage method favored by many other event production companies) provides you with complete transparency, avoids any bias toward particular vendors, and most importantly, serves you and your event’s best interests. 

All other costs of the event are directly contingent to the concept that we build along with you, and that is approved by you.


Our production & design fee for your Wedding Day 08.15.2021 is 30,000 USD -60,000+ Tax (if apply)

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